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Adacta is proud to be able to deliver and implement the best software for the companies that are results driven. Adacta is proud to be able to deliver and implement the best software.

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From policy-centric view
to customer centricity

Customer relationship management is all about putting your customers at the center of your business. For insurance companies this means a big shift from a policy- centric view to customer centricity. CRM solutions can help you make this shift more easily. They can help you fill a gap between sales, marketing, and customer service, increase employee productivity and efficiency, and transform your company into a customer-centric organization.

AdInsure.CRM – custom made CRM solution for the insurance industry.

How can an insurance company benefit from implementing AdInsure.CRM?
  • Connect marketing, sales, and customer service and improve the effectiveness of each
  • Track customer activities at all touch points
  • Access the customer through a single, 360° customer view and adapt the view for marketing, sales, and customer service department
  • Manage, control, and measure KPI‘s for sales, marketing, and customer service
  • Gain control over cost management: reduce operational costs and optimize resources
  • Enjoy control over customer retention in the highly competitive and ever-changing insurance industry
  • Gain a flexible solution, applicable for different business models (on premises, cloud, hosting)
  • Be mobile and still have a control over your work and your customers


AdInsure.CRM is a custom-made CRM solution developed by Adacta for the insurance industry with an aim to better manage customer interactions and streamline processes throughout the insurance company. Thanks to consolidated data from the customer‘s touch-points and synchronized workflows AdInsure.CRM improves productivity and e fficiency of sales, marketing, and customer service and help you transform your company into a customer-centric organization.

Microsoft Partner

Adacta‘s competencies at implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and developing industry specific CRM solutions are recognized by Microsoft with its Silver CRM Microsoft‘s Partner certification for the Adriatic Region.


25 years in the IT industry, international operation, a team of over 350 people, more than 400 completed projects, and a commitment to growth and development are ample testimony to our good work. 10 years of experience developing and implementing insurance-related solutions and over 200 insurance IT and business experts have built the largest team dedicated to the insurance industry in the CEE Region. Insurance related know-how for non-life, life, and health insurance and AdInsure, our core product for insurance industry, is recognized by Celent, an independent advisory firm.

7 modules
for one solution

3 basic CRM modules and 4 additional modules, for getting the best out of your business.

CRM for insurance features

Be one step ahead of your customer with easy to follow 360° customer view and 6 outstanding AdInsure.CRM features.


Single 360° Customer View

A truly 360-degree customer view, customizable for sales, marketing, and customer service.

Next Best Action

A suggestion to an agent in the field or in the call center regarding the customer’s best course of action.

Win Back Scenario

For offers that were not successfully completed, it‘s time to contact the customer and prepare a new, better offer. And win him back

Centralized Communication

All communication with customers in a single pane.

Next Best Offer

Next best offer is all about new business opportunities. It is a suggestion of a concrete activity with defined priority and expected completion dates.

Tracking Customer Response

How satisfied is your customer with issuing policy, underwriting or claims handling process. Track, learn and improve customer satisfaction.


AdInsure.CRM Product Brochure:

Discover how can an insurance company benefit from recognizing customer's key life events and see examples of tracking sales and marketing performance.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM

"Independent analytics and CRM publications recognize Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a leader among CRM solutions on the market due to the available functionalities which can be easily upgraded, tracking customer interaction on the both, traditional and digital channels, availability from anytime and anywhere, as well as full due to the integration with other Microsoft solutions, like Office, Power BI, Skype or Sharepoint."

Tatjana Lukić, Regional Director, Microsoft Business Solutions - Adriatics, Balkans, Baltics & CIS at Microsoft

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Adacta‘s references in the insurance industry

18 insurance companies in 9 countries use Adacta’s insurance related expertise and solutions to run their business.

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